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Dental implants


1.  You will be given local anesthetic and possibly some sedation, depending on what you and the doctor decide is best for you.

2.  After you are numb, the doctor will slightly expose your jawbone and drill one or more precisely measured holes.  Very gentle, low-speed drilling and extensive irrigation with sterile water will be used to minimize trauma.

3.  The surgeon will place the implants in your jawbone, and suture the gum tissues closed to cover the implants.  The implants should integrate with the bone within 3-6 months, depending on the site.  (One-stage implants may only need 6-12 weeks to osseointegrate.)

4.  Surgical adjuncts may be used such as bone grafts or membranes to further assure stability.


1.  An ice pack will be given to you to hold to the outside of your face, reducing swelling.

2.  You will be given gauze to bite on, to minimize gum swelling and bleeding.

3.  You will be given instructions to go over carefully on how to care for yourself.

4.  It is MOST important not to have any pressure on the implant surgical site.

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