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General Post-op instructions

The following is a list of GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS following surgery. A more complete set of instructions specific to the procedure(s) performed for you will be provided.

These GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS are designed to minimize your POST OPERATIVE discomfort and inform you of situations which can and may arise.

  • DO NOT rinse for at least 24 hours.

  • DO NOT rinse for 3 to 5 days following a bone graft surgery.

  • DO NOT over exercise - The heart rate will increase and thus bleeding will increase.



  1. If an antibiotic is prescribed during treatment, you should take the medication exactly as directed on the prescription to completion.

  2. If you were sedated for surgery:
    DO NOT drive or operate heavy equipment...
    DO NOT work around machinery...
    DO NOT climb ladders or work at unprotected heights for 24 hours or until the effects of sedation have gone.

  3. DO NOT consume alcoholic beverages:

    1. Until the healing process is complete

    2. While you are under medication

  4. DO NOT exceed the prescribed and recommended dosage. Take only the medication as directed on the prescription.

  5. DO NOT give any of your medication to ANY other individual.

  6. DO NOT leave your medication exposed and available to children.

  7. Notify the doctor if you have any symptoms which may be related to an allergic reaction.

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